Your SPT Chainsaw buying guide

What Chainsaw? Your SPT Chainsaw buying guide from Stihl

What are you cutting?

What you will cut is the most important thing to consider. Are small branches of larger trees or shrubs being cut from the sawVerge ? Can small trees be used in the garden to fell? Or is he going to see your own firewood and turn the bigger logs into ideal woodburning size?

The most appropriate chain saw for you can be one that has a bit more power if you realize you will cross larger branches. However, if the wood you saw is smaller, you will be ideal for one of our light weight and cordless models. While it may be tempting to think that it is better, we would always suggest that for the job in hand you use the lightest screw.

Cordless Chainsaws

The chain saws of our cordless line are one of our lightest. Our COMPACT Cordless System includes the MSA 120 C-BQ and MSA 140 C-WC, and is ideal for cutting branches or for stitching firewoods. Depending on the softness of the wood, you will be able to make approximately 100 battery load cuts of 10 cm x 10 cm. The MSA 120 C-BQ has been reviewed by the Good Housekeeping Institute and it feels well balanced in use. The batteries in both these saws can be switched between the other instruments in the COMPACT Cableless range so that you can pop the battery right away into a blower.

If larger logs and branches or even small trees have to be cut, then consideration should be paid to MSA 160 C-BQ and the MSA 200 C-BQ. These two saws offer more power than the COMPACT range, but with the same cableless advantages, together with 23 other battery powered tools.

The low vibration rates and no emission benefit all these saws. It is easy to use when people are not confident that they start and run an oil machine without the need to pre-mix fuel and without the risk that your machine will run out of fuel, if you use it occasionally only. You’ll have to upgrade the chain oil, but Ematic chain lubrication system by STIHL provides highest lubrication, longer wear and lower oil consumption than standard chain lubrication techniques. You can also see when you need to refill with the transparent oil tanner. Usually, when you swap or charge the battery, we recommend that you top the oil.

They ‘re extremely quiet, best of all. In fact, so silent, all of them were given the QuietMark, the MSA 120 C-BQ, the MSA 140 C-BQ and the MSA 200 C-BQ, so you don’t even need to wear ear defenders. QuietMark tested this screw and confirmed that it is among the most quiet on the market to keep you from wrathful neighboring!

Electric Chainsaws

One of our corded electric saws is another choice for those who want something small and maneuverable but without the noise of a petrol-saw. If you know that you have access to electricity and are perfect if working inside or under cover, this is a good value option. Anne-Marie Taberdo, the ice-sculptor, is a fan of our electric saws and you can see why:


Our petrol models are the last option in our chain saw purchase guide. These are a great options for gardens with bigger or small holdings starting from only £185 for the MS 170. Were the MS 180 awarded with a Which? Best Buy. Best Buy. What? What? She said, “It’s one of our best tested chainsaws. It can handle all tasks of cutting quickly, so you have to spend very little time cutting logs.

You need a combination of petrol and motor oil to power and lubricate your engine to run your fuel chain line. The combination of 1 piece engine oil with 50 pieces of petrol is recommended. You can find a mixing guide on our website or why not download the STIHL application with a simple calculator fuel mix (search Google Play or App Store for STIHL only)?

You can also consider STIHL MotoMix as a combination of premium non-ethanol, high-octane engine fuel and our STIHL HP Ultra oil of highest quality.

Additional features

Many of our models have additional features, suggested by the letters at the end of their model names, if you want the chainsaw to work just that little harder for you Here is a quick guide to the following:
C = At the end of the pattern (such as in the MS 181 C-BE) the letter C indicates that the screw is a Comfort model. This allows the chainsaw to be made more comfortable to use with additional features.

E = E is Ergo Start, an innovative technology designed by STIHL to facilitate the start of the petrol saw. The secret is a further spring between the cupboard waist and the starting rotor for those of you who are interested. However, the main thing is that the screw is easier to begin! If this is particularly important, you could also consider a wireless chainsaw.

B = B refers to the STIHL Speed Chain Tensioning System , making the chain tensioning very easy. Just release the pipe cover and turn the thumbwheel to set the optimal voltage. However, no tools are needed to straighten the chain on any sap with a “B” as their model name to ensure safe working. You should never operate a saw with a loose chain.

Q = The Quick Stop super brake feature of all our cordless saws, which means the chain stops automatically as soon as you take your finger off your throttle. This makes the saw more secure.

Chain – how does it work?

In order to produce the perfect cut, STIHL saws, bars and chains are designed to work perfectly together. Through cutter is examined by the eye, and each STIHL chain is made of steel. You can see the sharp cutting tooth and the flat depth measure when looking at the chain. The cutting tooth rips off small chips of wood as the chain goes around the bar. The chip’s scale is the same as the gap between the depth gage and the tooth cutting.


Keeping the chainsaw is crucial , especially for keeping the chain sharp. At most, it can cause your saw to pull back out of the wood which can be hazardous, inefficiently cutting the sloppy saw chain. You can sharpen the chain for your dealer, or you can do it yourself at home with our sharpening instruments. The 2 in 1 EasyFile especially makes the job easy! The design of this clever little tool allows you to sharpen the cutting tooth and the depth indicator simultaneously, reducing maintenance significantly.

Safety first

Whereas in recent years, technical developments have become much safer with a chainsaw, such as compulsory introduction of chain brakes for any screw, personal security equipment (PPE) should still be used. Protective chain-saw pants are essential. STIHL’s pants have fiber filled protection patches on the thighs. When a saw crosses the top sheet, these fibers are separated by the chain and punched up the pigment so that the chain is slown and stopped.

A helmet with facial or eye safety, gloves and chainsaw shoes is also recommended. We appreciate that, if you start from scratch, it seems like a lot of kit! However, after viewing some of the more dubious videos on YouTube, we want to ensure that all STIHL users in the chainsaw are fully protected – we even make a PPE kit that includes all you need if you are a complete beginner. Please note that the PPE is not the only thing to consider – smoother operation of your saw is the best defense against accidents.

Feel the chainsaw

So you have done your work, but nothing beats the weight of the screw-you have to be sure of manipulating the screw so that you still have to see your dealer and share with them your options. And if you still are unsure, authorized dealers from STIHL will be able to advise you and your needs on the best chain seam.

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