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Spread across the borders of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Azerbaijan is an attractive country lying at the Caucuses region. The country is often called the “Land of Fire,” owning to a plethora of volcanoes and flaming mountains present here. Additionally, the country is also acclaimed for the enigmatic resorts resting by the seaside. Moreover, there are also magnificent mosques and ancient antiques that depict the glory of ancient culture.

Each year, millions of people travel to Azerbaijan through Qatar Airways flight booking in a bid to take a respite from their hectic routine. If you are also planning to visit this country, you need to learn these 8 essentials tips before taking off.

1.     Best Time to Travel

Since the country is geographically diverse, the best time to come here entirely depends upon the region. April to June is an ideal time to explore the low lands, whereas the hotter months of July and August are best for the tours of the mountainous regions. October is unquestionably perfect for visiting the capital Baku, where you would witness the crystal clear skies and the bustling city life.

2.     The Climate of the Country Is Windy

Though the climate varies from city to city, the overall atmosphere of the country is extremely windy. Whether you go there in April or in December, you will always have to endure the heavy winds that might cause inconvenience for you and your body. The best way to tackle this issue is to bring some jerseys that could defend against the winds. However, the windy climate is suitable for the summers as it helps to beat the heat.

3.     Language in the Country

vThe primary language in the country is Azerbaijani. However, English and Russian are also widely spoken in various parts of the country. Azerbaijani is similar to Turkish, implying that if you have a slight knowledge of Turkish, you can easily understand the official language of the country. Baku is the capital of the country where most of the people speak Russian. Additionally, it would help if you learn some basic phrases of the language related to greeting and directions.

4.     Always Carry Your Passport with You

The law of the country clearly says that all the foreigners must carry their passports all the time. When a foreigner goes outside, there are high chances that the police will stop him/her and demand the passport. So, if a foreigner does not have a passport, he might be heavily fined. Similarly, some foreigners only carry a photocopy of the passport. Though it might work sometimes, if you encounter a touchy police officer, he would not be satisfied until you show him the original passport.

5.     Never Speak about Armenia

There is a prolonged tussle between Azerbaijan and Armenia pertinent to the dispute of Nagorno-Karabakh. This region originally belongs to Azerbaijan, but the ethnic Armenians have occupied it. They seized the territory by displacing hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis from their ancestral homes. So, it is pretty clear that no one in the country likes Armenia, and if you try to revere Armenia, you will have to face the wrath of locals.

6.     Don’t Offend Women

In Azerbaijan, everyone gives priority to women. From the shopping malls and metros to the queues and the offices, it is always ladies first! Similarly, if you try to argue with women, the people would favor the women although your argument is accurate. Indeed, we can say that respecting women in all walks of life is a cardinal part of the culture of Azerbaijan. Plus, if a woman is invited out, it is males who are supposed to pay the bills.

7.     Beware of the Scams

Like various other countries, the shrewd and clever people who take pride in deceiving others are also ubiquitous here. The country has an oil-dependent economy, and the officials are always embroiled in some sort of corruption. So, while booking the cheap flight tickets or asking for a taxi ride, you must learn the original fares and charges in order to avoid being tricked by the thugs. If you blindly follow the suggestions of the shrewd managers, you will certainly lose your money in just a couple of days.

8.     Don’t Make the Ok Sign

In western culture, touching your forefinger against the thumb states that everything is ok. However, this is not the case in Azerbaijan. If you make this sign, you will be perceived as rude and offensive. Similarly, while arguing with another person, pointing your finger is a big rejection. So, instead of making an ok sign, you should use your entire hand to guide someone.


Following these tips will not only reduce the complications but will also enable you to explore the country from a different perspective.

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