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How to choose toys for babies from 0 to 3 years old

Since we are on the threshold of Christmas, and we know that many of you are busy thinking ‘what toys to buy your children’, we want to help you a little, giving a series of tips to choose from ; We start today with the age stage that goes from 0 to 3 years old. I clarify that babies need little in terms of play with toys, since contact with adults (and with the outside world), together with a respect for the rate of growth (depending on which they are allowed to crawl or crawl), they greatly facilitate development; without counting on the possibilities that we offer them when taking them anywhere, visits to the playground, and the manipulation of natural elements such as earth or pineapples.

Between 0 and 36 months a lot happens, at all levels; Regarding play, a newborn does not need toys, while a 3-year-old can take short trips with a bicycle without pedals , for a 4-month-old baby, movement games with his mother or father, a 24-month-old, may suffice. Will follow closely short stories when they read to you.

Children’s play is more than studied, and it is known that it evolves with growth; the theories of the game establish several stages that seem to occur in all children, although their beginning depends on each one. Thus we have the sensorimotor (related to the functional game) the preoperational (symbolic game), and that of the concrete operations (which does not start until 6 years old, and is marked by the ability to play with rules). It is known that – at the same time – the so-called ‘construction game’ appears around 12 months, which remains adapted to the mentioned stages throughout the years. Cheap Baby Activity Equipment Online

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For a child, playing should be the main occupation, and it fulfills two very important functions: supporting development and providing happiness, increasing the latter when play is free (that is, without rules imposed by adults). Playing is a necessary activity, and parents should ‘force ourselves’ to facilitate play, regardless of age; In other related posts we will remind you, since today we will focus on babies, and no one doubts that their life should revolve around the game (and perhaps, the toys).

How to choose toys for babies from 0 to 3 years old: safety tips

First of all, I must remind you that when buying, you must verify that the product has the CE mark, ensuring that it has passed tests in order to verify that the toy does not have small parts that could be inhaled or ingested; in addition, the box must clearly state that it is indicated for the age we are talking about (0 to 36 months); which explains that other toys indicate just the opposite: ‘that it is not suitable for children under 36 months’

It is convenient to remember the safety also when unpacking: boxes, seals, plastics and wrapping papers, they should not be within the reach of a small child, to avoid getting caught or swallowing any object. If the baby has older siblings and they are over 7 years old, the importance of collecting and storing their things will be explained to them, so that the baby cannot take them, if they are still small, we must become even more involved in the play of all children, participating and at the same time ensuring that accidents do not occur.

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