How to Make Your Hand Sanitizer

Hydroalcoholic Gel: the Home remedies for making it yourself at home The coronavirus epidemic has caused a shortage of hydroalcoholic gels. Make your hand sanitizer! Discover our easy to make and the useful recipe for making your hydroalcoholic solution at home. The Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus is spread through salivary droplets emitted when coughing, talking, sneezing, or […]


What Are Anxiety Disorders and it types?

What do you know about Anxiety Disorders and it types? Nervousness is a typical response to push and can be advantageous in certain circumstances. It can make us aware of perils and assist us with planning and focus. Tension issues contrast from typical sentiments of apprehension or uneasiness, and include unreasonable dread or nervousness. Uneasiness […]

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Everything you need to know. What’s open & what’s closed?

Lockdown 2.0 in India: Everything you need to know. What’s open & what’s closed? India Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced to extend the nationwide lockdown in India to May 3rd in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 virus with the exclusion of essential services. Hotel Booking, Air Ticket Reservation, Mall, Theater’s etc.. On […]


Why Consider Primary Care Doctors ? | Health Education

Why Consider Primary Care Doctors During old-days, when health care needs increased, people  who are not economically stable were a lot affected. It became difficult for them to avail of appropriate medical services. The situation reappears consistently because there are persevering differences among health care consumers. As a result, low economically stable sufferers and people […]