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Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones | Earbuds in 2020

Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: What You Need to Know

Choosing headphones can be an endless task, there are a wide variety of models and types. Whether we look for headphones to mix, to listen live or in the studio, as for singers, drums or music lovers. In the end, we all look for the same thing; The best quality for our sound.

It will be much easier to choose the most suitable headphones for you if you have some notions about the types, as well as their characteristics and specifications.

The over-ear or circumaural headphones cover your entire ear thus giving you a greater sense of isolation for good surround listening. The on-ear (over the ear) or supra-aural are those that are placed over the ears but do not isolate us from external sounds.

The in-ear headphones are inserted in the ears, easy to transport and with small drivers designed for greater fidelity. They offer good hearing protection, as well as being very practical for direct monitoring.

Wireless or wireless headphones have the advantage of freedom of movement and the possibility of connecting several headphones to the same transmitter. There are 3 types of transmission: infrared, radio waves and numerical modulation of the radio signal, the latter is the best transmission signal quality.

Depending on the type

Open systems: They are the perfect headphones to listen to in your hi-fi chain. The sound is more natural and they are lighter and more comfortable than closed system helmets.

Closed systems: West system offers us a better sense of isolation in both directions does not let the sound of the headphones come out or that external noise enters. They are perfect for recordings (so we will prevent the microphone from picking up the signal from the headphones) or for DJs (noisy environments). This system is less accurate and balanced than the open-hull system, but on the other hand it offers better performance at low frequencies.

Semi-open systems: they offer a good relationship between isolation, sound balance and comfort.


Impedance: the impedance measures the resistance of the headphones in reference to the signal. The higher the impudence, the more energy the headphones will receive. Normally for MP3, PC, or CD players the headphone output is usually around 32ohms; while for a mixer or other type of CD players it is between 100 and 250 ohms, for a Hi-Fi device with amplifier, it can be above 400 ohms.

Total harmonic distortion: The lower the rate, the better the original signal quality of the headphones. 

Frequency range:  Refers to the frequency range that headphones are capable of reproducing. The most neutral and therefore the most faithful to the original sound have a rather flat frequency response curve. The ideal frequency response is between 20 and 20,000 Hz, which corresponds to the sound spectrum perceptible by a normal human ear. 

Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 2020

This is the big revolution of this year: the arrival of Bluetooth wireless headphones and no doubt it has become really hard to choose the best from them. Here the question is how you may do so? You just need to visit the websites like the buyers trend that gives comprehensive reviews and buying relevant to the top products of Amazon online. This will allow you to know what exactly is going in market, what’s in trends now days and what exactly people are buying from the market. Let’s check below few of the top best coffee makers 2020 online on Amazon. 


The brand Zolo probably does not talk to you, but difficult to miss the Liberty if you are looking for a pair of headphones 100% wireless at a lower price. Compact and discreet, they offer a wireless connection to the very correct stability, while ensuring convincing sound performance.

Side autonomy, it takes more than 3 hours on each charge, and the box accompanying them can climb up to 24 hours in total! At less than $100 hard to find better


Are you unable to make a selection of the best Bluetooth headphones? Despite a fairly atypical design, the 100% wireless model of the American giant has established itself as one of the most popular pairs by users.

Particularly suitable for iOS devices, they also have the advantage of presenting a design less intrusive than true intra-auricular. Clearly, AirPods adapt to all users but have a less secure outfit than many competitors. Beware the fall!


With its Gear IconX, Samsung is one of the first big arms in the market to join hands in the world of 100% wireless Bluetooth headphones. And for a first, it is clear that the brand has not done things by half, since the IconX also have a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer and touch controls. Full of features for use both nomadic and sporty and despite the lack of cable, the support system is particularly effective and the headphones do not flinch.

An essential point, because it is clear that we can quickly lose one of the two atria in the opposite case. The sound quality is also at the rendezvous, but we cannot say the same autonomy limited to 4 hours. However, it is currently the best 100% Wireless Bluetooth headphones.


Our favorite thing about True-Wireless headphones is compact and perfectly built, the Jabra Elite 65t has excellent finishes and adapt to most morphologies thanks to well-made tips. Offering excellent sound performance and one of the most stable connections on the market, they also have the advantage of being equipped with comprehensive and intuitive controls.

We can adjust the volume, go from one track to another or pick up phone calls directly from the earphones, without ever taking his Smartphone out of his pocket. If you are looking for a really wireless pair, we recommend with your eyes closed.

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