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9 Tips to Manage the Facebook Page

How to Manage the Facebook Page

The Facebook page is a place where you can communicate who you are and what you do. It is a place where you can tell yourself, get visibility, establish a direct dialogue with people, reach new potential customers and build a relationship with acquired customers, so as to retain them.

How is this possible? How to get all these results? You must manage the Facebook page effectively and professionally.

Here I suggest 9 tips for success on Facebook.

9 tips to manage the Facebook page

The management of a Facebook page is a real marketing strategy, therefore a ban on improvisation.

Below I suggest 9 tips to manage the Facebook page with professionalism.

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1. To each goal its content

In addition to the target audience, the content you communicate must, from time to time, adapt to the specific goal you want to achieve.

On Facebook you are not alone or purely to sell, so you need to have a diversified editorial plan, capable of both arousing interest and involvement and of winning new leads, promoting sales and retaining your customers.

2. Remember that Facebook was not born as a sales tool

The nature of Facebook is to offer entertainment and information, it is a place to talk, meet and establish a relationship.

The sale is an evolution of all this and arises precisely following a path in which you take care of the customer with the right contents, those that can arouse his interest and his emotions, that can make him feel understood and that they can offer him a good reason to follow you.

3. Always start with the editorial plan

Before starting to manage the Facebook page you need an editorial plan in which you have clearly defined what content to publish according to the goal you need to achieve; when to publish them (on what day and at what time, including any special anniversaries) and what format to adopt.

4. Communicate your identity

You cannot effectively start and manage a Facebook page especially in Corporate Film Production Company in Dubai if you have not first decided what your identity is and how to communicate it. Who are you? What is your reputation? What is your image? How do you want people to see you?

Define all this, build your visual identity (logo and colors), establish your tone of voice and the language you want to use and only then start communicating.

5. Plan an Ads strategy

Facebook is a paid media in all respects. To obtain concrete results (visibility, notoriety, engagement, leads, sales, loyalty) you have to foresee a monthly budget to be allocated to Ads and you have to plan a strategy with which to act.

And by strategy I mean the definition of the objective (Coverage, Notoriety, Interaction, Lead Ads, Conversion, etc.), of the content, to be used and the target to which you are addressing (core audience, personalized audiences, similar audiences or lookalike).

6. Plan well thought out promotions

Depending on your goal (do you want to stimulate engagement on social media? Do you want to encourage sales? Do you want to highlight an event? Do you want to cultivate the relationship with loyal customers?) You must provide specific promotions.

For example, if you want to stimulate engagement on your social profiles, you can activate a promotion as you comment with the name of your interested friend and you will receive a 10% discount or mention us in the Stories and we will give you the dessert.

Do you want to acquire new leads and work in the tourism sector? You can ask people to fill out a form to find their contacts and in return, you can give them a discount on booking their holiday.

The reciprocity mechanism is valuable when you want to get something in return from people.

7. Never overlook interactions

A basic rule that you must follow to obtain effective results from managing your Facebook page is to not overlook the interactions you receive (comments, shares, mentions, private messages).

Not only that, you have to cultivate and encourage dialogue because it will help you get to know your customers and potential customers better and allow you to establish a lasting relationship with them.

And yes, you must also respond to negative comments, especially those, because taking care of them will help you not to lose that customer and to maintain a good reputation in the eyes of other people who read them.

8. Install the Pixel

You still haven’t done it? Run, don’t hesitate. Pixel is a valuable and fundamental tool for effective management of the Facebook page and advertising campaigns.

It is a small portion of code which, once installed and integrated with Facebook Standard Events, allows you to track user behaviour on your website and their characteristics.

The Pixel will also serve you to create personalized audiences and similar audiences to intercept with your adverts and promotions. An example? If you have an e-commerce you can recover customers who have added one or more products or services to the cart but have not purchased.

Or you can target ad hoc campaigns to visitors of your website or to an audience with similar characteristics.

9. Collect and analyze data

Effective management of the Facebook page cannot be separated from the collection and analysis of your data. You need these for several reasons, namely:

Know your target audience better and better:

Analyze which content works best in your sector and for your specific target;

Identify the content to improve:

Understand the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and plan their optimization strategies.


These are my 9 tips and I hope they will be useful for you to better manage your Facebook page. If you know others, do not hesitate to write them in the comments, I am at your disposal.

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